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 save renosterveld  

Most people know about fynbos but not so many know about its close neighbour.

The high fertility of the cape overberg lowlands systems, known as Renosterveld, were the most suitable for agricultural development - thus over 95% of these habitats have been converted to cash crops to date, rendering Renosterveld amongst the most threatened of all habitats on our planet.


Renosterveld is the richest bulb habitat on earth and is most renowned for its incredible spring displays. On this page I showcase just some of the beautiful flowers that inhabit the Renosterveld in the hope of creating awreness for this special habitat.


The Overberg Lowlands Conservation Trust is an NGO committed to conserving this unique natural heritage.


If you would like to know more about Renosterveld and how you can help conserve, please visit


aristea teretifolia
gladiolus alatus
wachendorfia paniculata.jpg
watsonia laccata
corycium orobanchoides.jpg
Satyrium erectum (1)
Satyrium erectum (2)
moraea gawleri.jpg
watsonia aletroides.jpg
Babiana patersoniae
Wurmbea marginata
Albuca suaveolens
pelargonium triste.jpg
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