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Stuart McHattie photography

Covering all aspects of people, product & environmental photography.






My first experience with photography was at a young age with a camera given to me by my grandfather. I built my first darkroom in my early teens and spent many hours developing and printing my own pictures. Seeing my first role of developed film got me hooked !

I was able to continue with my passion at school and took photography as part of the art syllabus. After school I studied photography at the Natal Technikon and then moved to Cape Town where I spent the next few years assisting various fashion photographers. I got an apprenticeship with a well established stills photographer and went on to become a partner in his business. I was fortunate to be involved with the very first digital studio in Cape Town back in 1996.   

I started my own business in 1998 and have pursued a wide range of photography since then. 

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